The Uncouth Skeleton

The uncouth skeleton was just a pile of grisly bones. He didn’t quite know how to be as he didn’t have a home.

He’d say whatever unripe thought that popped into his head, sometimes leaving his audience just wishing they were dead.

“It cost nothing to be a gentleman, and its value is more than gold! But you don’t listen to other’s thoughts, only tell them what they’re told!”

“I am not uncouth!” said the skeleton, to his unamused, dinner guests. “You are just confused, of indeed who I am, but I’m trying my very best”.

“Well perhaps you should try harder, if you’d like us to be your friend! Otherwise there’s only one way that this conversation ends.”

The skeleton looked over and pondered his anguished human guests. “I’m treating them like skeletons, when they’re more than bones and flesh..”

“I’m sorry my dears, I really am, you are not quite as I thought. I am used to other skeletons, and you’re quite a different sort.”

The guests considered the skeleton, and his hollow, saddened eyes. “We can finish dinner, but we’re uneased now, that you’ll lead to our demise.”

“Is this because I am a skeleton? As I once, was just like you. But I lost my way, and my flesh decayed, and I want to be brand new.”

The guests referred between themselves and they mused how it should be. “We would like all of us, with flesh or not! To simply to be free. And even in our differences, good friends is what we’ll be!”

The skeleton smiled a wide boned grin and looked at his new friends. He wondered if he should reveal to them how their small soirée would end. Will they understand or will they be mad, at what will lay in store? But he thought it best, to let it rest, and let them dine once more.