The flowers would bloom only at night, when the stars and the full moon come out,

That was the time she would often cause fright, her witching hour no doubt.

To collect the moon flowers, to make dreams float away,

You see, moon flowers posses powers, not often talked about today…


Margo was her name, and she was tall, and green and thin, 

For this is what brought her fame, the peculiar body that she lived in.

Margo was quiet, withdrawn and quite shy, and she lived in her house in a tree,

No one would ever say stop by to say ‘Hi’, to the greenest woman they ever did see.


Margo thought it best to just stay out of sight, that way no one could be scared,

She knew she would only end up in a fight, as if anybody would care..

So night after night, she would climb down from her tree, and collect all the moon flowers she saw,

She’d mix up a brew of her dream potion for me, and I would have a small cup, or four.


I would lay on the ground and look up at the sky, and wondered what treats lay in store,

Would tonight’s potion give me the power to fly, or would I remain on the floor?

It was always so different, these dream escapades, and Margo would always come along,

We’d have so much fun and sometimes stay for days! and we’d dance, and we’d play and sing songs!


But one night, when I went up to that land in the sky, to play with my greenest of pals,

She ran away from me! Nowhere to be found, by myself or even the night owls…

I searched high and low, to tell her the news, that she was no longer my friend, 

But I couldn't find her, and I couldn’t get down, and that’s how my story now ends…


I live here, in the clouds, all alone with no friends,

With no way to get down, stuck up here 'til the end,

Of my time on this earth, which I remember was great,

But this was her plan, others might say my fate..

To live in this land, in the sky, in my head,

And I’ll never know why, she left me here, my green friend.