To the east of the globe, is where I often dwell, 

Hidden in the green, natural kingdom.

Creatures seek me out, for the secrets I tell, 

For my stories of magic and wisdom.

I teach creatures kung-fu, and the power of zen,

I show inner peace too, only dreamt of by men,

For I, am the greatest guru of all time,

And my name is Michio the Mantis.

And I only, preach what I practice...

I fight, and I pray, and I practice tai chi,

I teach creatures the same, whilst they sit and drink tea.

They watch and they listen, their questions I answer,

For they know I am wise, and a wonderful dancer.

If only you humans would listen to me, 

You would gain so much knowledge, and you’d finally be free,

From the strange world you live in, that disregards nature,

You could finally live peacefully, on earth and respect her,

For she, is a force that is greater than you,

And holds many secrets, that are known by a few,

Such as gurus like me, who have lived throughout history,

But to humans like you, will remain a great mystery…