If you look at a pelican, what do you see?

A bird that is large, handsome and free…?

I mean yes, I am handsome, but in actuality,

When I fly through the air, it is seldom for me.


My job as a pelican, is never quite done,

I work, and I eat, and I care for my young,

I take fish in my mouth, and I ferry them safely,

To another place, far beyond, to a sea of plenty.


This sea is veiled, by clouds and secrecy,

And only pelicans can find it, as we visit frequently,

To deliver fish and other creatures, to the place they want to be,

Which is known, to some, as the Celestial Sea.


The Celestial Sea, is just as it sounds...

A sea, in the sky, that can sometimes be found,

If you search hard enough, day after day,

You may find it, if you're lucky! A secret gateway...


If you get there, and swim up, through the Celestial Sea,

You will arrive at a place, that appears in your dreams.

It’s a world that exists, beyond the one you always knew,

But deep down, in your depths, you had buried the truth,

That you lived another life, in this world, and many others!

And that world, leads to another, that is yours to discover.