Do you know what’s it like to be born, in a place that isn’t home?

A place where you just don't fit in, where you always feel alone...

I’m from a place just like that, where I feel sad, bored and lethargic,

Because it’s always freezing cold, in the depths of the Subantarctic.


It’s often too cold for visitors, like other birds and most men,

But I’m expected to get used to it, as I was born a penguin.

But what if I want to leave this place, and live a life in the sun?

To live a warm and tropical life, like a parrot or pelican!


I’ve heard about this other life, from the few men I have met,

They told me stories of an island, a place I could never forget.

So I will try to find this island, and that will be my plan,

I will wait for the ice to melt, and then swim as far as I can.


I will swim until the sea gets warm, and then I should find my place,

A place where I will thrive, with the sun upon my face.

I've been told that others have found it, others just like me,

So I will find this island of penguins, where I can live care free.


And if my friends don’t understand it, and want to stay here 'til they’re old,

Then that’s their choice, and this is mine, to leave this awful cold.

For life is short and one must live, the life they truly wish,

As long as you are happy, and there’s no shortage of fish.