Heads were turning with every CLICK CLACK CLICK CLACK of the strutting shoes that passed them. James would strut with the kind of attitude that only his shoes could bring him. He didn’t care about the whispers, or the stares, if anything he revelled in the attention that his shoes brought him. He held his head up high as he sashayed along, pausing at a car with tinted windows to check his reflection. He smiled to himself and pulled down his sunglasses from his head onto his face. The car window rolled down to unveil a tough looking man staring back at him with a bemused expression. His eyes scanned down to James’ spruced up feet, and looked back up at his face. James flashed the man a bright smile and then went on his way. He walked along with his fixed grin, feeling like James Dean. CLICK CLACK CLICK…SMAAAAAAASH!!!!

As well-practiced as James was walking in his shoes, he often took a tumble when braving the cobbled streets of his small, traditional town. James had tripped as his shoe got caught in the cobbled pavement and went hurtling into a shop’s metal A-Board, sending it smashing down to the ground with a loud CRASH!  Anyone that wasn’t already staring at James, certainly was now. 

A group of young men in football shirts walked past, laughing at James sprawled out on top of the sign. James looked up at them with his wide grin and put his thumbs up. The men laughed even harder as they walked past, and James’ smile faded.  A woman appeared at his side and helped him up. Her little son looked down at James’ football boots and then looked up at him with excited eyes and a big grin. James’ smile returned and he swaggered on.