You have never met anybody like me,

I am the most unique creature that you ever did see.

Some say that I am ugly and that I shouldn’t be free, 

But you have never met anybody like me.


I live up in the trees of my wonderland, 

But people say I’m evil and I should be damned,

To an underworld where I could never be free, 

But they have never met anybody like me.


They say I carry death in the tip of my finger,

And everywhere I go the stench of death will linger,

And if I’m seen I’ll be hunted and hung from a tree,

Even though they’ve never known anybody like me.


I’m just a creature of this land, here to live and not to curse,

But people make up stories, making our world much worse,

For a lack of knowledge is by far, the most dangerous disease,

That could ruin your chance of meeting someone like me.


There’s not many of my kind for me to meet in the wild,

My forest is getting smaller, ever since I was a child.

As one creature on this earth, thinks they alone should be free,

And now, you may never know anybody like me.