"That's NOT a fish!" she cried, as she looked down at the odd little being. "I don't believe you, you lie! I saw it fall from a crack in the ceiling!"

"A silverfish, is not what you think! It's a bug that isn't, a fish!"

"Then why would you call it so dear? To fool me? You wish!"

"A silverfish is a bug so strange, that lives in the cracks of a house.  It moves like a regular fish, but resembles a common louse!"

"What's it doing here? In my house! Why can't it live outside?"

"It lives with us dear, in our house! It's only trying to survive."

"But it's weird and most unexpected. And I don't see why you should care!"

"Oh dear, it should be respected. Especially a creature so rare!"

"Where did this so-called fish come from? And I don't just mean the ceiling.."

"No one knows dear, but some do say, that it might be an alien being!"

"You're simply mad dear! But this 'fish', is something strange and I don't know what?"

"I may be mad but you have to admit, it does resemble a little robot!"

"That it does dear, that is does! But it can't be a robot, could it?"

"That it could be! And that is because, we don't know as much as we think!"