This is the story of Pompi’s demise, with his big, full lips and his bright, round eyes. He swam the warm waters of the Celestial Sea, and could inflate his body to fly up free.

He would blow himself up, into a perfect spiked ball, and float up through the sky, never scared he would fall.

He’d fly up high, looking out at the land, and wondered what creatures would dwell in the sand. One particular day, as he enjoyed a nice swim, his curiosity set in and got the better of him... 

He puffed his round belly and swam up through the blue, breaking out of the sea and through the cool air he flew.

A crab on the beach stopped running to stare, at the strange, round object floating high in mid-air. He thought at first that is must be the moon, but as it moved in the wind, it looked like a balloon!

Pompi gazed at the golden land down below, and steadied his body as he floated down slow. He finally landed in the hot, yellow sand, and then decided to roll himself around.

He found shells that were empty and starfish that were dry. He felt sad as he lay there and started to cry. He didn’t like to see his friends strewn dead on the beach, and then noticed the sea was just out of reach.

He only wanted to try a new kind of fun, fun on the land, in the warm, orange sun. But now that he realised he soon would be dead, only one thought continuously ran through his head…

There’s nothing wrong with me wanting to fly, dream or wish! But I should of just realised that I am a fish! Not a bird, or a crab, or a creature like you. And trying to be someone else, has left me here, as FUGU!