I met a little yellow fish named Marv. His only aim in life was to try not to starve.

He told me about the wonders of the sea, and how he swam around freely, and about the creatures he had seen, and all the ship wrecks he had been, and now his only wish was to come with me. To try to be something other than he.

I asked him why he’d want to do a thing like that? Whilst he swam around my feet as I just sat. He said that feet looked like good fun, and he always wanted to try to run, along the shore in the morning sun, just like me.

I told him that I would like to be a little fish. That it would be my one and only little wish. I would swim without any trouble, without needing to breathe or blow small bubbles, and I could see the wonders of the deep, blue sea. That would make me as happy as could be.

He replied in a different tone than he did before. He said that monsters lay along the ocean floor. He described it as a scary place, and then with a look at my spooked face, he thought that it better that I stay just where I am, as a ground dwelling, and only sometimes swimming man.

And he’d be better as a little, yellow fish, but not on someone’s evening dinner dish! But as a master of the blue, that sometimes meets a man like you, and shares a tale of the abyss, that he realised he’d truly miss! As he was Marv, the little yellow fish.