As she stood there in her elaborately adorned prison, watching the large creatures that were foolish enough to trap her, Gisele the grasshopper wondered what it was they wanted her for… She had hopped over many a small, bamboo cage at the market and at times, exchanged a melancholy moment with the unfortunate souls that inhabited the small prisons. She had heard of humans that wanted them as mere decorations for their homes, and believed their calls brought them luck. Little did they know that their lucky charms would in time, leave a trail of vengeful destruction throughout the land, as grasshoppers and crickets and locust alike, would devour everything in their path. But the humans never seemed to learn, and the swarms would persist time and time again.

She pondered whether she would end as an animate ornament, or a pitiful fighter having to endure a painful death, or as someone’s snack impaled on the end of a skewer, which she hadn’t decided if it would be the worst or best fate she could meet?

After an unknown amount of time as Gisele had never had to consider such a concept before, she found herself growing weak and weary. She knew that if she didn’t hurry, her eggs that were nearly ready to be laid, would not survive. She realised she had no choice but to put an end to the suffering that the humans caused for her and all of insect kind. She rubbed her leg against her wing, creating the most beautiful song that the humans had ever heard. She played her percussion with more passion than she had ever played before, prompting her small cage to be surrounded by giant, mesmerised eyes. 

As the humans and their preferred creatures of dogs and cats surrounded the cage, cooing and swaying to the enchanting song that she played, they were completely unaware of the swarm that came from all directions, blackening the town. Her song called out to all creatures that were tired of being caught, and eaten, and toyed with and tortured, that before the humans had time to flee, they were being surrounded and devoured by the same creatures that had devoured their crops in the past. 

For the first time, Gisele thought about time, and how it was now. It was time for the torment to stop once and for all, with no more time for warnings, and time for her children to flourish.