Min the cat had a taste for kimchi. He loved it so much that he would break into people’s pantries to steal it by night, and by day he would scour restaurants for any left over kimchi dishes he could find on the tables. As much as he loved to eat kimchi, he also liked to hide it, as he could never turn down a serving even when he was full. The only problem that Min had was that sometimes, when he had gathered so much kimchi and hidden it all, he often forgot where he had put it, resulting in whole neighbourhoods stinking with the smell of rotten radishes. 

The people of the neighbourhoods soon started to realise what Min was up to, and were determined to catch the menacing cat, so Min, with his great cunning, started to disguise himself whenever he scoured the streets. He wore wooden masks of many faces, and cloaks of many colours, and although odd-looking, he no longer looked like himself. To this very day, the cats of Korea follow in Min’s footsteps and take to the streets in disguise, stealing kimchi at every opportunity and spreading the scent of their most favoured dish. Min is revered by cats everywhere and scorned by the locals for his legacy that has encouraged constant, cattish crimes in the name of kimchi.