It was the last day of May, which prompted Alberto to say, “I will be known as Fishini from now on!”

“I don’t want to be just like the rest, I want to be the very best, and I am big, and I am blue and I am strong!”

“The summer is upon us, and I am not the fish I was, and I will rule these waters down to the bottom!”

The other creatures moved away, when they heard Fishini say “I am the ruler of these parts and all that lives here!”

So the fish cleared the lagoon, to warn the fish that would come soon, that the only thing to await them now is fear. 

So nothing came to the lagoon, leaving Fishini on his own, still as powerless as he felt in the beginning. 

He could of been a better fish, if he had had a kinder wish, of not to rule but to be lifted by the others. To be as kind and warm as them, and tried to be a better friend, and then the world could of been Fishini’s oyster.