The isle of the dead, is not a place to rest your head, if you expect to be the same as you always have been.

It is a place for extra time, before your soul is truly mine, and I decide which realm that you should dwell in.

If you decide that you know best, and leave your life to take a rest, then I promise, that you won’t ever leave here. 

You will remain forever more, and be a slave to your poor thoughts, and spend the rest of time in your bad decision. 

For I have seen your kind before, when you believe that you have choice, and you are foolish to believe that you have wisdom.

So if you want to stay as you, and live a life as you would do, stay away from anything that brings you near here.

Your time will come quite naturally, and you can bathe in my cool sea, before you leave and float away, free as you should do….