“I have to find Alice” said the rabbit to the flowers.

“But you’re not even a real rabbit” replied the daffodils to the rabbit.

“What are you talking about?! Of course I’m a real rabbit, just look at me!” said the rabbit as he adjusted his tail back to the centre of his backside.

“Okay okay” shrugged the flowers as they looked the other way.

“Quite right!” replied the rabbit defiantly as he faced the open field and sprung off towards the sun. 

After a few heavy hops, he looked around and saw that no one was watching so he stood upright and ran effortlessly towards the other side of the field, disappearing into the thick, corn reeds.

“Alice! Alice! Where are you?!” he called out in a panic.

The corn waved in the wind from side to side, and then as if a sign sent was from the Gods that the rabbit was more than aware of, he heard a soft giggle being carried on the wind. 

The rabbit caught his breathe and looked in all directions. He spotted a streak of colour up ahead and so slowly and quietly, crept forward. 

The young, giggling girl seemed to be having a whale of a time, as a boy called out to her.

“Mary Anne! Mary Anne! I’m over here…come and catch me! Hahahaa!” the boy sang out.

“Where?!” Alice called out excitedly. But the rabbit knew where. He walked over gingerly, and as he got closer, the colourful streaks formed the young body of a boy with bright eyes and red striped t-shirt. The rabbit reached out his ill fitting paw and grabbed the boy by the face, covering his mouth so no sound could escape.

“George!… George!” Mary Anne called out, her soft laughter dying down. She stopped running and listened to the wind intently as it howled above her head. Mary Anne couldn’t be sure if the howl was indeed the wind or something else, as it sounded more otherworldly than before, but she shook off her doubts and called out “George! It’s not funny anymore, where are you?”

Still no sound came, and her eyes studied the bars off corn that striped her vision. She could of sworn she had seen a streak of brown fur to the side of her, so she turned and moved slowly through the reeds of corn that snapped clumsily around her feet. 

As she walked on, she quickly saw the form of two long, rabbit ears peeking above the corn in front of her, and as she gasped and froze in terror, the rabbit emerged, carrying George in his arms, laying as limp as the scarecrow.

Mary Anne let out a piercing scream as she looked down at George and turned around frantically to run through the corn, spluttering her breathe and tears filling her wide eyes as she ran. 

The rabbit dropped George and called out for Alice again before hopping after her. “Alice…ALICE!”